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    Minibus Services

    Minibus hiring services are becoming more and more popular each year as parties, families and friends want to travel together. Yes, there is a whole lot of fun when people travel together and enjoy each other’s companies.

    We at City minibus hire will cater to most of your travel needs.

    All you have to do is call ( 01142945836 ) and speak to one of our people and get everything sorted onetime. Whether you know what you’re looking for or just need some advice we are happy to help. Our staff are very friendly and always willing to oblige.

    Or you could book online here ( Book Here). Remember to fill in as accurate as possible so we can quote you accurately. After all nobody wants to pay extra money for a Minibus journey when they don’t have to.

    Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you with a solution quickly.

    We will first email you back but can callback if it is easier. You let us know what’s best for you.

    We have a range of services from 7 people journeys to 70 people journeys.

    The most popular is people looking for a 12 seater minibus hire, then we have many people looking for 10 seater minibus hire and 16 seater minibus hire.

    But remember we cater for all kinds of groups and parties.  City minibus taxi hire has taken people all over the place for a variety of reasons.


    Minibus For Football Matches

    One of our most popular services is transporting Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Rotherham football fans all across the nation for football matches. We have done so many football matches from local derbies to all the way down to Portsmouth for an evening weekday game. Phew, they are long, but we are up for it if you are.


    Minibus Hire For Airports

    We also do many many airport runs for 4 people with heavy luggage all the way up to a full coach load. You name it we do it.

    Our most frequent run is Manchester Airport which only takes just over an hour to get there from Sheffield or Rotherham.

    Caution, it is best to book well in advance for Aarports especially as this service is in huge demand especially during the spring-summer months.

    We do all the airports across the UK. Manchester airport, Robin hood Doncaster airport, east midlands airport and all the rest too.

    We do Racecourse runs aswell theme parksup and down England, Scotland and Wales. Just give us call and we will deliver.

    Theme Park Minibus and Coach Hire

    If you’re planning —–.