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    City Mini Bus Hire is precisely what the name suggests, but let’s elaborate for more clarity…

    As a relatively new company operating in Sheffield and Rotherham, City Mini Bus Hire offer 6-70 seater minibus services across South Yorkshire.

    Our minibuses depart from South Yorkshire but we can take you to any destination within the UK.

    What differentiates City Mini Bus Hire from the rest is our unique business proposition. Rather than simply renting minibuses to our customers, we actually supply minibus drivers too!

    This saves you the hassle of hiring a minibus driver separately, an inconvenience when there’s lots to coordinate.

    We thus free up time for customers to focus on core competencies.

    City Mini Bus Hire commute to airports, race courses, football matches, theme parks and more.

    If you’re seeking high-quality mini bus hire with a difference you need look no further. Our modern collection of reliable minibuses are affordable and prioritize excellent customer service.

    Enjoy a pleasant experience with City Mini Bus Hire, one you certainly won’t regret choosing!